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New Overalls New Factory Celebrate the National Day and the JIE’s Company Day

On Sep.28th,2018, all of the staffs of JIE Drive got the new overalls as a celebration of the National Day and the JIE’s Company Day. This year is the 30th years since JIE Drive established, JIE Drive call all of the staffs for its second entrepreneurship, its business transformation and its strategic transformation to promote lean production and build intelligent factory, to be dedicated to team building plan and brand building plan and to do the best to create a century compny and achieve happy families. JIE provides the good products to the good customers in the world!

09 28, 2018
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JIE USA INC Participate in the 2018 IMTS Show

From September 10th to 15th,2018, JIE USA INC, competing with the premium brands from the Europe

09 20, 2018
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JIE Drive’s the 25th Deputies Meeting of the Sales Service Center Successfully Held

JIE Drive’s the 25th Deputies Meeting of the Sales Service Center with the theme of Stay True to the Mission and Push Forward was successfully held from July 7th to July 9th in Chongming,Shanghai.

07 12, 2018
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JIE intelligent drive project presents gift to the first Anniversary of the approval of Hangzhou's Airfront Economic Demonstration Zone

On May 23, 2018, the first anniversary of the approval of the Hangzhou Linkong Economic Demonstration Zone and the three

05 24, 2018
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JIE Cooperate with SAP, Ali Cloud, and Hand to start the Gear Reducer Intelligent Manufacturing

JIE Drive started the strategic cooperation for its intelligent factory’s informatization construction project on April 16th,2018.

04 16, 2018
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JIE Drive was honored with the 2017 District Government Quality Award

JIE was honored with the “Xiaoshan District Government Quality Award” which is the highest quality management honor in the Xiaoshan District and no more than 3 companies or organizations are awarded every year.

04 02, 2018
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