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Comment on Industry Development Stage

Nowadays, there are about 300 gear manufacturers that have equipped professional measuring room, in total there are about 200 testing equipment, of which are mostly imported from foreign countryies; having about 1000 gear testing equipments of all kinds (machinery, photoelectricity, numberial control), including 30 gear testing centers, 10 assembly test instrument, worm test instrument and less than 50 gear box test instrument and drive axles testing stages; about 500 sets of roundness tester, distancers, optical dividing heads , roughmeters and projectors. The rest 200 manufacturers don't have fine measuring instruments, maybe just universal measuring tools.

Experts reported that with the purpose of improving quality and competitiveness of gear products, manufacturers should equip relevant fine measuring instruments as soon as possible. In the following years, big and small gear enterprises should equip three dimensional testing machine, gear testing center and other fine measuring equipments, and complete testing room; small enterprises should also equip these instruments as many as possible.